Engineering Data Analysis

Hadley Wickham gave an excelent presentation earlier this month at Google Tech. I found this talk on He focused on domain specific languages and the use of R as the programming language in data analysis.

by operator (ddply)

He also gave an excelent example for a real data set including the R code.

His conclusions:
A programming language gives you: reproducibility, automation, communication, but has a learning curve
R gives you: freedom, a community, connectivity, building blocks, but the community can be prickly and it is slow (relative to other languages).
Thoughtful DSLs should make it easir to solve common data analysis problems.

2 thoughts on “Engineering Data Analysis

    1. Alton Post author

      Tal, What a privilege to receive your comment! I’m embarrassed now that I didn’t put more thought into this post. My blog is still very young but I’m excited to start contributing to the community ideas and resources for using R in data analysis especially as it pertains to finance and quantitative trading. You have an excellent blog that I recommend to all my readers. Thanks, Alton.


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