Prospectives of a new Ecommerce Adventure

I get excited by the possibilities that a new ecommerce website brings. Lately I’ve been helping my wife set up her new baking blog Sugar and Spice and All Things Iced. That has been a real adventure but mainly due to cooking restrictions on home based bakeries and of course the enevitable problem of being unable to meet demand, she has decided to make it just a blog about her baking projectes for now. It should prove to be very inspirational to others and motivational for her. We are excited.

In the midst of this I came accross two magento sites that appear to be successfully marketing the online community with baked sugar cookies and even cupcakes, both of which seem to be a shipping nightmare! Here are the sites I’ve found:

I have seen several other websites who also follow similar models including custom candybars. Likewise there are several home based businesses who may or may not be shipping their cookies legally. Despite these hurdles there appears to be avery appealling market and an exciting internet business opportunity that may be in our future.

8 thoughts on “Prospectives of a new Ecommerce Adventure”

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    1. Thanks SEO Sam. I figured that any comments are better than none even if it is spam. I’ve added canned comment (with links removed). Good luck trolling the web for less aware bloggers. Soon I’ll be discussing some of my more interesting adventures where I’m automatically interfacing with WordPress. However, instead of bugging others I’m working on crawling the web for information on a topic and then regurgitating it in a piecewise fashion mixed with data collected and analysis to provide a useful (or at the very least interesting) result.

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    1. Jennifer, First I happen to have one second but I think that responding to spam like this may become somewhat of burdon when (wishful thinking) my blog actually gains some traction. For the time being I’ve decided to approve your canned comment and point out two poorly stated “observations” you made. First I do not have a lot of good material yet. Second, I am not interested in having an online marketing business. I genuinely hope to provide a real and valuable resource by providing content of interest to individuals like me. Thanks again and best of luck to you.

  3. After receiving several dozen more of this type of spam including several duplicates, I decided that it behooves me to post and reply to each. We’ve all seen them and know how they work and why. So instead of pouring fuel on the fire I’ll delete all the comments that are obviously spam. This will likely end up including many of the less creative comments as well. Happy reading!

  4. Thanks for all of your work on this web page. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

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