Favorite Websites for Data Scientists

Shown are the favorite websites using self reported results of all registered users on DataScienceCentral. It is interesting to note that Kdnuggets continues to be a strong leader as a data aggregator for the community even among the biased sample of DataScienceCentral members. It is also impressive to see R with such a strong pressence.

Favorite websites of Data Scientists
Self reported favorite websites based on over 40k registered users on DataScienceCentral

The list of links based on popularity is as follows:
[1] kdnuggets.com
[2] datasciencecentral.com
[3] kaggle.com
[4] sas.com
[5] analyticbridge.com
[6] r-bloggers.com
[7] flowingdata.com
[8] tdwi.org
[9] allanalytics.com
[10] r-project.org

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