Demand the (Right) Right Data

Mark Twain once noted,”The difference between the right word and the ‘almost right word’ is like the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” So too with data.

Know the data, where it comes from and what it means.

Analytical driven management

“Interestingly, the top performers also turn out to be the organizations most focused on improving their use of analytics and data, despite the fact that they’re already ahead of the adoption curve,” said Michael S. Hopkins, editor-in-chief of MIT Sloan Management Review. “We discovered that the more managers know about analytics-driven management — and see how it can create value — the more they know that they want to know more.”

Dealing with the Data Deluge – MIT News Office

Steve Blank and the Business Model Canvas Explained

I had the privilage to meet Steve at the Startup Weekend SLC. He has started numerous businesses and is dedicated now to teaching entrepreneurship. His personal website is

On this occassion he presented his method for developing a solid buisness plan as shown in the following video.

Visualizing Multivariate Data in R

When doing exploritory data analysis it is imperative to properly visualize large and often complex multivariate datasets. Regardless of the size, it is usually the multivariate part that makes it hard to interpret. has a collection of hundreds of graphs and their source code. Once you can get your data in the right format this makes it quick and easy to visualize it.

Here are some plots that I think would be very usefull:

That turned out to be a long list but there are some good ones there and I can think of a useful application for each one of them right off the top of my head. The next step will just be implementing them when time permits.

Some Data Mining Resources

I’ve pulled together some data mining resources for future reference. Let me know if you find a good one that I’m missing.

2011 Conferences
JMP conference



Free MIT courses can be accessed online
Example courses that stood out to me just now
Data mining
Statistics and Visualization for Data Analysis and Inference
Street fighting mathematics
Introduction to modeling and simulation
Computing and Data Analysis
Models, Data, and inference for socio-technical systems